Repsol Projects

Loading arms replacement at Repsol quay


Fiveteen loading arms had to be replaced in the Repsol quay in Tarragona. Our task was to dismantle the rejected ones and to build and install a new set.

The new ones were designed following the specifications of the old ones to guarantee the compatibility, but correcting some minor issues reported by the client.

The measures and resistance of the dock didn`t allow the transportation of the arms by ground means, so the installation had to be done by floating means.

We settled a crawler crane on the deck of a jack-up barge, so we could dispose with a steady surface supported on the seabed.

With this barge we managed to transport the arms and, once in position, to replace the old for the new ones.


An old FMC Crane mounted on the Casablanca oil rig (Spain) had to be replaced by a new Liebherr one. Our task was to load, transport and unload the cranes from the Sant Carles harbor to the oil rig and back to the harbor.

Complementarily, we made the stability study for the distribution of the elements of the new and old cranes (counterweights, boom, hook, cabin and engine room).

All the elements were placed according to this study, fixed with stoppers that were welded on the deck, making sure that the barge could travel in security conditions even in case of rough seas.